Network Consulting Services

We configure, implement and install wireless networks with proficiency and expertise. Our aim is to provide best in class services especially in the area of wireless security. We specialize in rouge detection and mitigation and adhere to industry best practices while focusing on customer needs and requirements.

Wireless Deployment Solutions

Our focus is on secure wireless deployments be it indoor, high density, or outdoor mesh solutions.

Wireless Site Surveys

A wireless site survey, sometimes called an RF site survey or wireless survey, is the process of planning and designing a wireless network, to provide a wireless solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS).The survey usually involves a site visit to test for RF interference, and to identify optimum installation locations for access points.



Quality of Service (QoS) on Catalyst 9800 Controller – Basics (rough notes place holder)

Define class maps Class Map match-any DROP-NETFLIX1_AVC_UI_CLASS (id 39) Description: DROP-NETFLIX1_AVC_UI_CLASS UI_policy_DO_NOT_CHANGE Match protocol netflix Class Map match-any DROP-NETFLIX2_AVC_UI_CLASS (id […]

Infrastructure MFP – Part 1

Management frame protection (MFP) provides security for the otherwise unprotected and unencrypted 802.11 management messages passed between access points and […]

802.11 Deauth frames – type: management Deauthentication reference – 802.11-2016 – page 223 The deauthentication service is invoked when an existing Open System, Shared Key, […]

802.11i / Robust Security Network/ 12.6.2 RSNA selection – part 1

reference 802.11-2016 – page STA = station RSNA – Robust Security Network Association A STA prepared to establish RSNAs shall […]

WPA3 Enterprise/Personal – RSN

WPA3-Personal WPA3-Personal brings better protections to individual users by providing more robust password-based authentication, even when users choose passwords that […]

Upgrading Cisco 9800 Controllers

Be sure to complete the following prerequisites before upgrading the Cisco IOS XE version of the controller software image: Compatibility […]

Ubuntu 19 wpa_supplicant – WPA3 OWE video

video upload test Enhanced open using Ubuntu and wpa_supplicant lab@Crazy4840afkee:/etc/wpa_supplicant$ more owe_script.conf network={ ssid=”OWE13″ key_mgmt=OWE pairwise=CCMP scan_ssid=1 ieee80211w=2 } use […]

WPA3 Opportunistic Wireless Encryption – frame format – Basics

New Wi-Fi Enhanced Open™ technology infuses no-hassle advanced cryptography for open networks We’ve all come to expect fast, reliable, and […]

Cisco 9800 TACACS+ Config CLI and verify – notes

AireOSto9800Prod#show configuration | s aaa aaa new-model aaa group server tacacs+ AAA_TACACS_SG_10.0.0.36 server name AAA_TACACS_10.0.0.36 aaa authentication login AAA_LOGIN_LIST local […]

Join Autonomous AP to Cisco Controller

1. Download recovery code from 2. Copy file from server to autonomous AP AP will reboot and join the […]

CCIE Enterprise Wireless (v1.0) – 3.9 Controller Mobility – C9800 Radio Resource Management – Part 2

How RF Groups are formed When the WLC initializes as new, it creates a unique Group ID using the IP […]

CCIE Enterprise Wireless (v1.0) – 3.9 Controller Mobility – C9800 Radio Resource Management – Part 1

The C9800 Product line is designed as a direct replacement for Current Hardware Wireless Lan Controller platforms. C9800 is compatible […]

2020 – Give thanks to the most high

Blessings, love , righteousness, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth […]

Just As Good…

Managed Devices upgrade via Mobility Master – 8.5

Configure sever parameters – server IP, protocol, file location , file name. Select the cluster of devices to be upgraded. […]

Upgrade Mobility master HA Pair – 8.x

Download the desired version from Aruba’s website. Once the code is downloaded verify the checksum using the Linux md5sum command […]

Clustering of Mobility Controllers – 8.x

Seamless roaming of clients between APs Seamless client failover in the event of a connectivity failure to the active controller. […]

CCIE Enterprise Wireless (v1.0) – 3.9 Controller Mobility – 3.9.e Mobility anchoring aka Mobility Tunnels

Note: CCIE Enterprise Wireless (v1.0) – 3.9 Controller Mobility – 3.9.e Mobility anchoring On any firewall between the guest anchor […]

CCIE Enterprise Wireless (v1.0) – section 3.3 – a – Cisco 9800 Cloud Controller High Availability ( HA ) /SSO

Restrictions Prior to enabling HA between two 9800 WLCs ensure these you perform these validations: Both devices must be of […]

ArubaOS 8.X – configure communication between mobility master and managed devices (MD)/controllers

The Aruba mobility master structure is configured via folder hierarchy starting at the “managed device” level The two options are […]

Install Cisco 9800 Cloud Controller on ESXI 6.7

Download the recommended controller version from – as of 12/18/2019 the recommended version is listed below as Gibraltar-16.12.1s ED […]

Cisco Cloud 9800 – Mobility Tunnel ( between two 9800 cloud controllers)

Cisco 9800 cloud Basic Install – zero day wireless CLI

Disable the wireless network to configure the country code: C9800(config)#ap dot11 5ghz shutdown Disabling the 802.11a network may strand mesh […]

802.11 PHY Layer – Carrier Sense/Clear Channel Assessment (CS/CCA)

Carrier Sense/Clear Channel Assessment (CS/CCA) If the station is not currently transmitting or receiving, it listens and senses the channel […]

802.11 Frames

Management Frames 802.11 management frames make up a majority of the frame types in a WLAN. Management frames are used […]

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