Ventev Warehouse Antenna mounts for the – M6130130MP1D0006W and M6060060P1D43620M

Ventev colocation mounts with Aruba AP-534

Ventev Antenna Option # 1 For Open Warehouse Areas – part # – 220125

TW-CONCOLOMNT-MUL-220125 – weight – 4.3 lbs.


Ventev antenna M6060060P1D43620M mounted to the TW-CONCOLOMNT-MUL

Aruba AP-534 mounted on the TW-CONCOLOMNT-MUL

Ventev Antenna Option # 2 For Open Warehouse Areas or Racks

TW-CONCOLOMNT – weight – 4.3 lbs.

The M6130130MP1D0006W mounted on the TW-CONCOLOMN

Warehouse Racks

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