WIFI 6E Basics Notes

Reference: https://www.wi-fi.org/news-events/newsroom/wi-fi-alliance-delivers-wi-fi-6e-certification-program

An overview of WPA 3 can be found here

wlan virtual-ap “WIFI6E”
aaa-profile “WIFI6E_AAA_PROFILE”
vlan 12
ssid-profile “WIFI6E_SSID_PROFILE”
allowed-band none


Wi-Fi 6E certification utilizes cutting-edge WPA3security that continually evolves to address market needs. WPA3 has recently been updated to support even more robust password generation, mitigate additional attacks, and further protect and maintain privacy on Wi-Fi networks.

6GHZ Packet Capture

A single Beacon will carry information about multiple SSIDs.

Standard IE with the supported channels

What does the RSN information element look like for 6GHz?
  • Mandatory WPA3
  • Management frame protection required = True
  • Fast transition SAE AKM

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