Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.4 Backup Types: Application and Appliance

Prime Infrastructure supports two types of backups:

  • Application backups—These contain Prime Infrastructure application data but do not include host-specific settings, such as the server hostname and IP address.
  • Appliance backups—These contain all application data and host-specific settings, including the hostname, IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.

Note the following about application and appliance backups.

  • Application and appliance backups can be restored to the same or a new host, as long as the new host has the same hardware and software configuration as the host from which the backup was taken.

  • You can only restore an appliance backup to a host running the same version of the Prime Infrastructure server software as the server from which the backup was taken.

  • You cannot restore an application backup using the appliance restore command, nor can you restore an appliance backup using the application restore command.

We recommend the following best practices:

  • If you are evaluating Prime Infrastructure, use the default automatic application backup to the local repository.

  • If you are running Prime Infrastructure in a production environment as a virtual appliance, take regular application backups to a remote backup server. You can use the application backups to restore your server for all failures except complete failure of the server hardware

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