Cisco 9800 Flex connect

Create WLAN

Create Flex Profile

Create Policy

type VLAN name instead of selecting from list – see bug

Cat9800 Client unable to authenticate due to VLAN failure when using VLAN name in the Policy Profile CSCvn48234 –

Create Policy Tag

Assign WLAN profile and policy

Define Flex Site TAG

This is where you configure the access point to be in flexconnect mode. It is mandatory to uncheck “enable local site”. This will cause the AP to move from local mode to flex connect

Apply the tags created above to the AP

Configuration –> advanced –> click “start now”

click “tag aps”

AP will reboot – verify AP Mode

Verify applied tags from CLI

verify AP switch port

Connect client

verify client mac

ISE Policy snapshot and log

Verify Client on the 9800 Controller

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