Netflow on Cisco AireOS and Cisco IOS XE

Configure Netflow exporter and monitor on AireOS :



Now the exporter will be tied to the monitor

Click on the newly created monitor and select the exporter profile

NFSEN is an open source netflow monitor – its configuration can be found online.

Edit the nfsen.conf file and add the controller as netflow client

Once the profile is created it will be tied to the respective WLAN

check the status of the netflow devices on the GUI of NFSEN

Each device can be configured with a particular color of its netflow traffic – the AireOS traffic will be displayed as  “green” #00ff00. It will take some time for the netflow traffic to display on the NFSEN server

Verify from the Ubuntu logs that netflow traffic is being processed

tail -f /var/log/syslog

Cisco 9800 Wireless Controller

After a period of time you will start to see data flows and traffic being collected via the netflow collector – The three tabs are “flows, packets and traffic”



You’ll also start to get a high level overview of all flows and traffic for multiple periods of time

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