Upgrade Airwave 8.2.8 to – CentOS 7 – notes

Make sure to save the license file to a .txt file

Download the file from support.arubanetworks.com – AMP-

Verify the checksum of the file – checksum should match what is listed on the download file

Once the checksum match – upload the file to Airwave. Log in as ampadmin

Step 2 – download the airwave backup file


Step 3 – export backup

After the backup has been completed – create a user that will be allowed to export the backup file

Enter a password for the file transfer user, then click Enter.The password must be eight characters or longer, and can contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters. Spaces are not allowed.

once the password is created press b to back to the previous screen

then select the option to download files

Verify that the file has been sent to the server.

Step 4: Perform a fresh (non-upgrade) installation of AirWave 8.2.10 with CentOS 7.

login as root/admin

Ping to verify that the server is responding

Restore database

Login into AW GUI – verify that the devices/folder/license have been restored

Restore visualRF

Restart Airwave –

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