802.11i / Robust Security Network/ 12.6.2 RSNA selection – part 1

reference 802.11-2016 – page

STA = station

RSNA – Robust Security Network Association

A STA prepared to establish RSNAs shall advertise its capabilities by including the RSNE in Beacon,Information Response, and Probe Response frames and may also include the RSNE in DMG Beacon and Announce frames. The included RSNE shall specify all of the authentication and cipher suites enabled by the STA’s policy. A STA shall not advertise any authentication or cipher suite that is not enabled.

RSNE in Beacon frames

A STA shall observe the following rules when processing an RSNE:
— A STA shall advertise the highest version it supports.
— A STA shall request the highest Version field value it supports that is less than or equal to the
version advertised by the peer STA.
— Two peer STAs without overlapping supported Version field values shall not use RSNA methods to
secure their communication.
— A STA shall ignore suite selectors that it does not recognize.

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