Cisco 9800 cloud Basic Install – zero day wireless CLI

Disable the wireless network to configure the country code: C9800(config)#ap dot11 5ghz shutdown Disabling the 802.11a network may strand mesh APs. Are you sure you want to continue? (y/n)[y]: y C9800(config)#ap dot11 24ghz shutdown Disabling the 802.11b network may strand mesh APs. Are you sure you want to continue? (y/n)[y]: y
Step 1 Configure the AP country domain. This configuration is what will trigger the GUI to skip the DAY 0 flow as the C9800 needs a country code to be operational: C9800(config)# c9800-10-30(config)#ap country ? WORD Enter the country code (e.g. US,MX,IN) upto a maximum of 20 countries
Step 2
A certificate is needed for the AP to join the virtual C9800. This can be created automatically via the DAY 0 flow or manually using the following commands: Specify the interface to be the wireless management interface C9800(config)#wireless management interface gig 1 In exec mode, issue the following command: C9800#wireless config vwlc-ssc key-size 2048 signature-algo sha256 password 0 <pwd> Configuring vWLC-SSC… Script is completed This is a script the automates the whole certificate creation: Verifying Certificate Installation: C9800#show wireless management trustpoint Trustpoint Name : ewlc-default-tp Certificate Info : Available Certificate Type : SSC Certificate Hash : e55e61b683181ff0999ef317bb5ec7950ab86c9e Private key Info : Available Note  You can skip the certificate/trustpoint configuration but if you do it, APs will not able to join. You would need to go to the GUI and configure it from there by importing the desired certificate. To access the main dashboard just https://<IP of the wireless management interface>. Use the credentials you have entered earlier. Since the box has a country code configured, the GUI will skip DAY 0 page and you will get access to the main Dashboard for DAY 1 configuration.

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